How do I know my customer has received my SMS?

You can view SMS delivery status in “Message History > SMS Messages > Sent Items”.

For administrator, you can view all SMS status in “Application Message History > SMS Messages > Sent Items”. 

Status: R = Message received in recipient’s handset

Status: S = RapidSMS sent message but recipient’s Telco or mobile carrier did not deliver the message to Handset. This is beyond RapidSMS’s control.


Reason for status to be S could be:

  • Mobile number that is not in use
  • Recipient’s experience weak mobile signal or handset is faulty hence message couldn’t be delivered after the system retries a few times.
  • Recipient’s phone is switched off
  • Recipient’s is out of their country and on roaming
  • Recipient’s Telco or mobile carrier didn’t acknowledge message


Note: Sender ID with only two character may be block by certain mobile handset. RapidSMS recommends user to keep Sender ID within three to eleven characters.


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