How do I archive message?

RapidSMS only store messages for 3 months. We recommend you to export message monthly for your own archival.


To export Incoming Message, go to:

  1. "Message History > Incoming Messages > Inbox " or "Message History > Incoming Messages > Unassigned Items".
  2. Select Customize Grid at the bottom of the table 
  3. Under Message History, select ‘By Date Range’ as the default display method and click Update to apply the changes.
  4. Under ‘ReceiveAt’ select ‘between’.
  5. Select the begin and end date and click Go
  6. The table will show the date range you want. Click Export to download your message into an excel.


To export Sent Item, go to:

  1. "Message History > SMS Messages > Sent Item "
  2. Repeat step 2 to 6
  3. Done!
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