Spam Control & Unsubscribe Settings

Turn on Spam Control settings to allow recipients to unsubscribe from your message, especially marketing and promotional message. After you have turn on Spam Control, RapidSMS's system will auto exclude recipients' phone number from your messaging campaign.

For EW Administrator, Go to Admin > Manage Application Settings
For super Administrator, Go to Manage > Application Settings > Select the Company in the Left panel

To turn on Spam Control and Unsubscribe Settings, ensure the 7 Key Name's Key Value is similar to the table below:

And you are done!

When your recipient reply "UNSUB", they will receive an Auto Reply Confirmation and also be exclude from your messaging campaign.

When they reply "SUB", they will receive an Auto Reply Confirmation and also be included into your messaging campaign.


To manually add recipients's phone number into the unsubscribe list, following the steps below:

  1. For EW Administrator, Go to Admin > Unsubscribe List
  2. Click "New Unsubscribe Mobile"
  3. Enter recipient's mobile phone number
  4. Click "Submit" and done! 

Note: The SMS deliver status value flag as "U" in Sent Items, if the recipient mobile number is in unsubscribe number list and the message will not be delivered. 

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