How to send your first Message with Attachment to RapidSMS App?

Please ensure the following are done:

  1. Have an existing Paid account with RapidSMS
  2. Register your company's logo in RapidSMS App 
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5 steps to sending your first Message with Attachment (Video/Document) to RapidSMS App:

1. Click Broadcast MMS. (If you have a long list of contacts in excel, click Batch MMS.)

2. Enter your mobile phone number into the Ad Hoc textfield. Enter your country code (if it's not Singapore) together with your mobile number and click Next.


3. Craft your message and upload your video or document. You can enter up to 3000 characters.

Maximum Number of Attachment: 5

Total Maximum File Size: 5 MB

Supported Video Attachment Format : m4v,mp4,mov,3gp

Supported Documents Attachment Format : doc,docx,xls,xlsx,ppt,pptx,pdf,txt

Note: To ensure your upload is successful, you must see a green dot next to the file you just uploaded. Red dot means your upload is not successful or the file format is not accepted.

4. (Optional) If your recipients does not have RapidSMS App, you can send them a text message instead. Check Append MMS link(s) for SMS Message and our system will automatically create a link (in the SMS Text box below) to view your attachment.

You can craft an alternative SMS for recipients without RapidSMS App. Take note of the numbers of character left, in this case there are 109 characters left before 2 SMS credit are used for your message. Every SMS can only have 160 characters. 1 SMS = 1 credit.

5. Click Send and check your phone for your first Message with Attachment via RapidSMS.


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