How RapidSMS App works?

RapidSMS App is currently a 1 way communication from sender to recipients. 

What are the feature of RapidSMS App?

RapidSMS App Feature


View Text Message

Only Recipient can view text message in RapidSMS App.

Sender can only view sent messages in RapidSMS Portal's SMS Sent Items

Reply with Text

Only Recipient can reply Sender via RapidSMS App.

Sender can view and reply conversation in Recent Conversation or Inbox

RapidSMS Quick Reply

Select Quick Reply

Only Recipient can 'Quick Reply'.

Recipient can response to 'Quick Reply' messages by tapping on the message itself. (Also available on iWatch).

Only Sender can send 'Quick Reply' Message.

Sender can send 'Quick Reply' messages by using this special characters "<>". Example message: "Please RSVP by replying <yes 6pm>, <yes 7pm> or <yes 8pm>".

 View Multimedia Content

Only Recipients can view Multimedia Content. To do so, tap on the multimedia content to open it. 

Sender can only view sent messages in RapidSMS Portal's MMS Sent Items

Only Sender can send Multimedia content like images, video, powerpoint slides, excel, pdf and text files in RapidSMS Portal's Broadcast MMS  


Looking for a feature that we don't have?

Suggest that feature to us, we love to hear from you.


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