Delegation, Departments and Permissions

The concept of delegation can be exercised in RapidRecall. It helps the organisation to decentralize the management of contacts, scenarios and activations.


Such practice is typically found in organisations where there are several nominated BCM co-ordinators from the respective departments. The BCM co-ordinators can log in to update their own list of contacts or even send out activations/notifications for their specific units/departments.


How it works?

  1. The administrator must first decide the "Departments" structure for the organisation. Then the administrator will start creating the departments in the User Management section.
  2. Business units can be stacked in hierarchical structure of Departments and Sub-departments
  3. Then users are being assigned to a single department
  4. By default, users who have been assigned to a specific department cannot view content from another department.
  5. However, for departments with "sub-departments", their users will have the same access to their sub-departments' information.



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