If I didn’t turn on the Spam Control settings. Will the number be captured in the Unsubscribe List?

No, system will not track any unsubscribe or "re-subscribe" request.


The spam control settings allows the organisation to turn ON or OFF the rule of managing "unsubscribe".

  • If spam control is turned off (where settings is N), this means the system will not track any unsubscribe or "re-subscribe" request.
    • The unsubscribe message will continue to be stored in the Message Inbox
  • If spam control is turned on (where settings is Y) , the system will track and keep the unsubscribe or "re-subscribe" request into the Subscribe/Unsubscribe list
    • The unsubscribe message will be stored in both the Message Inbox & the Subscribe/Unsubscribe List
      Note:The Subscribe/Unsubscribe list is only accessible by the organisation's admin
    • The sender will receive an auto reply message provided you've put in the auto reply message in the settings
    • Subsequently if you are sending a message to that number, the message will be blocked from sending and flagged as "U" in the status, which means unsubscribe
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