What is the difference between Public Contact and My Contact?

Public Contact and My Contact help you to manage the contact details of your recipients. This feature is created to help you organise your recipient lists and make it easy for sending messages to different groups of recipients.

  1. Groups and contact details listed in Public Contact can be viewed by all users in your organisation with administrative permission in RapidSMS. Editing of Public Contact can only be performed by your organisation's RapidSMS Admin.

  2. Groups and contact details listed in My Contact cannot be viewed by all users except for the creator. 



  1. If a sales person has his/her list of customers which he/she would like to follow-up personally without sharing it with other colleagues, he/she can store their contact details in My Contact.

  2. Else general subscribers of your SMS are recommended to be stored in the Public Contact to facilitate all RapidSMS users (with administrative rights) in your organisation to use the contact information to send SMS.


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