Why can't I receive push notification? I'm using Asus Phone or Xiao Mi phone.

Not receiving Push Notification after installing RapidSMS App?

We have feedback from our customers that they could not receive  'Push Notification' from RapidSMS to their Android devices.

After investigations, we realised 'Push Notification' is turned off by default on the following models. Please follow the guide below to turn on 'Push Notification' for your phone.

As there will be more models of smartphones in the market which we may not have listed below, we urge you to check with your customers if their Push Notification has been turned off as one of the first troubleshooting step.


Phone Model: Mi Phone

Issue: Not Receiving PUSH Notification
Resolution URL:

1. Go to the phone setting and look for Apps and click on it.
Look for downloaded tabs by swiping to the left and find the apps you need it for push notification.
Scroll down to the PERMISSION tabs/windows and look for Manage PERMISSION

 You will need to turn on Auto start, this will make sure thatthe apps will be always running so that you can receive all the notification.

A message will appear, stating that it will increase power consumptionand data usage, Press ok.

4.   Turn off your device then turn on and you should be able to get all the notification that you want.
If it does not works, you can manually open the application one time and then do a reboot, it should work after that.


Phone Model: Asus Zenfone 5

Issue: Not Receiving PUSH Notification
Resolution URL:


How to use Auto-start Manager

Launch "Auto-start Manager".

2. Select an app from automatically starting.
3. (Notice)
4. Now the app which you select is denied from auto-start.
5. Check memory usage
Tap information icon on upper-right to check memory usage
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