Difference between admin and user account permission

Admin and users also known as sender are usually the staff in an organization who can login to RapidSMS web portal to send message.

Contacts also known as recipients are different from users and admin. They do not have the ability to login to RapidSMS web portal nor have the ability to send message except to reply Sender. RapidSMS App users are classified as contacts in RapidSMS.

To manage admin and user account permission, go to Admin > Manage User or Import Users.

To manage contact list, go to Public Contact > New contact or Import Contact (guide). 

Below are the difference between admin and user account permission:

Roles Description Outcome

Also known as EW Admin in RapidSMS.

Admins are able to edit and manage Public/Private Contacts, Application Message History, Unsubscribe List and Application Settings.


 Also known as Registered User in RapidSMS.

 User does not have the ability of the admin.



There are 4 kinds of permissions for each admin or user.

  1. Account Active
  2. SMS Access
  3. Privileged User
  4. Normal User
No. Description Settings

Account Active

The ability to access RapidSMS web portal.


SMS Access

The ability to perform basic SMS functions (i.e. sending and receiving SMS & MMS) and maintain their own Private Contacts.

*All Registered Users will be granted 'SMS Access' when being added to the system. Admin can be excluded from


Privileged User

Privileged Users are able to perform basic SMS functions and maintain their own Private Contacts. SMS sent by Privileged Users will be of 'High' Priority.


Application Message History

The ability to view all the message sent by your organisations. When not given, admin or user can only view their own Message History.



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