How to do survey or RSVP consolidation?

There are 2 requisites before you can receive incoming SMS for your SMS Campaign:

  1. Ensure you are on 2 way bundle and have hosted a short code or long code with us
    • To host a short code, call +65 6255 0010 for enquiry
    • To host long code with us, purchase a $8 pre-paid sim card and pass it to us and we will do the hosting for you
  2. Or you have setup your RapidSMS App Channel and gotten your recipients to download RapidSMS App so they can reply you for free


Once the above requisites has been achieved, you can start your survey or RSVP SMS campaign.

4 steps to sending your survey or RSVP campaign

  1. Login to RapidSMS account
  2. Click on "Broadcast SMS" to select the contacts stored on RapidSMS or Click on "Batch SMS" to upload contact details via Excel file
  3. Before you sent out your message, ensure the 3 fields below are filled:
    1. SenderID is filled with the phone number you have hosted with RapidSMS
    2. (Optional) Ensure Use Push is selected if you are sending to RapidSMS App Users
    3. Add "<" and ">" to denote the content to reply. If you are using RapidSMS App, it will automatically be converted into a "Quick Reply".
    • Sample screenshot for Broadcast SMSThe expected reply should be 5,4,3,2 or 1.
    • Sample screenshot for Batch SMSThe expected reply should be rps-feb-10,rps-feb-11,rps-feb-12,rps-feb-17,rps-feb-18 or rps-feb-19.
  4. Once you are done, click Send



4 steps to consolidate survey or RSVP campaign 

After you have login to RapidSMS, click on Message History>Incoming Messages>Inbox, and select the date range you want

Note: If you are running 2 incoming campaigns at the same time, it will be easier to differentiate 2 different campaigns by using an unique identifier. In the screenshot above we used "rps" to differentiate.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the unique identifier for your campaign and filter it by selecting contain.
  2. Click here to select all the results
  3. Click on the export dropdown options
    • Selected = only selected items will be exported
    • Page = only current page will be exported
    • Grid = all filtered result and all pages of the records will be exported
  4. Select Grid and click on export, your result will be downloaded to an excel file.
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