Meaning of status in "SMS Sent Via"

To view status of your sms sent items, you can go to Message History>SMS Message>Sent Items then select the date range you want.

If you do not see the columns of "SMS Sent Via" or "SMS C Credit", do the follow steps:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  2. Select "Customize grid" (look for number 3 in orange on the screenshot above)
  3. You should see options expanded below "Customise grid" like this screenshot below: 
  4. Select "SMS Sent Via" or "SMS C Credit" and click on the Update Button


Meaning of status in "SMS Sent Via"

I = IP Message = Push Notification sent via RapidSMS App (No SMS credit is used)

S = SMS = a sms has been sent (1 SMS credit is used)

B= Both = Send via RapidSMS App but couldn't reach mobile phone within 15 min hence sent an SMS (1 SMS credit will be used. In this example 2 SMS credit is used because the message is 2 SMS length long. )

Reason for status B: User might have weak internet connection for a short period due to their location not covered well by Telco. 


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