Difference between Long Codes and Short Codes

Consideration Short Code

Long Code

No. of digits

5 digits number, usually starts with 7XXXX.

Short codes are more memorable.

8 digits numbers, usually start with 9XXX XXXX or 8XXX XXXX

Long codes are difficult to remember.

Ability to receive call

Cannot call short code numbers.

Can calls long code numbers.

Charge on incoming SMS to organization via RapidSMS

Incoming SMS to organisation via RapidSMS are chargable but organisation can choose to adsorb this fee or place it on the sender.

An example of a use case where fee are on sender:
SMS to 7XXXX to vote for your idol. $0.XX will be chargable.

Incoming SMS to organisation via RapidSMS are usually free.

SMS replies from recipients to RapidSMS system is free. Customer who recieve SMS will not be chargeable

 Spam Regulation

Will get shut down by carrier quickly for spam violations.

Can easily be used for spam.

 SMS Coverage

More suitable for local messaging.

Short codes are limited to national boarders, short codes must be activated/purchased for each specfic country/carrier.

More suitable for international messaging.

Note: recipients must data roaming in their phone.

How long does the account take to setup?

Around 2-3 weeks.

Each short code is submitted and approved by carriers before running on their network.

Easy setup, launch on the next working day.

Purchased from one of the carrier but no process to get approval from other carriers, will get shut down by individual carrier if user report spam.

 Setup cost

Short codes have a set cost usually about $800 - $1500 per month.

Lower cost for long codes, $50-$80 per month.

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