Wiped warning when accessing EasiShare IOS App

When you are trying to login to your EasisShare account using EasiShare IOS App you will get this warning

"All data of this profile (Profile name) has been wiped due to the policy set by your organization. Access from this device has been revoked, please contact your EasiShare administrator to reinstate the status before you attempt to configure"

The reason why you get this warning is EasiShare security feature called "Homing".

If this feature activate in 30 days that means if there is no activity in 30 days on more on user device using EasiShare IOS App to connect to EasiShare the Easishare IOS App will wiped and lock the user device. User will get those pop up warning and cannot login again from their Easishare IOS App.

What user need to do:

  • User need to contact their EasiShare admin to unlock and active their device.
  • To prevent this warning user also recommended to login once in 30 days.

If after EasiShare admin activate and unlock the device user still see those warning, how to fixed it?

Here is the steps to fix it

  1. Go to your EasiShare IOS App Settings and see if you have other profile that was wiped
  2. Go to those Wiped profile and delete it


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