How 'Use Push' can reduce your messaging cost

When you select "Use Push" your message will be sent as a Push Notification instead of a SMS to your recipients with RapidSMS App. Your recipients must download the RapidSMS APP (FREE) to receive your IP Message.

Sending IP text message is free for the first year hence this is how you can reduce cost. Other than the 3000 characters text message, you can send attachment like pictures, videos, document or sever log files in .txt format.

If your recipients do not have RapidSMS App, they will receive a SMS instead.

2 steps to reduce SMS cost with 'Use Push'

Step 1: Educate your recipients on how to download the RapidSMS App by sharing How to install RapidSMS APP or this printable.

Step 2: On 'Broadcast SMS' or 'Batch SMS' select "Use Push" before you sending your messaging


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