Would the User be auto-removed from EasiShare when the User has been removed from the Active Directory(AD)?

EasiShare's integration to the Active Directory (AD) for user account is based on import of users into EasiShare.

After the import, EasiShare does not connect to AD to check the user status. The integration with AD continues only for authentication where the users' credentials will be passed to the AD to authenticate prior to allowing the users to use EasiShare.

As such, EasiShare Administrator needs to manually deactivate accounts for users that have been removed from the organisation's AD.

How do I manage my users that have been removed from AD?

  1. You can login to the CAWeb to search for the username and turn off the status from Active to Deactivated.
  2. Turn off the Status.
  3. Save your changes by clicking the "Save" button on the top right-hand side.


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    If you deactivate a user? user data in Share drive in server will not be removed right? and if you activate back the user will easishare checks the status of the user and checks which AD group he isa member of and auto updates its OU group membership in easishare? does it work that way?

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