SMS OTP for sharing files & file upload requests

You may find the SMS OTP (One-Time Password) function in the user interfaces among all the platforms for Share File/Folder & File Upload Request.

It acts as a form of authentication, without the hassle of requiring the 3rd party you are working with to login. This option may be exercised if you wish to share a file with any persons who may not have an EasiShare account with your organisation.

How it works?

  1. When you key in the name & email address and OTP is turned on, you need to provide the mobile number.

  2. When the recipient clicks on the download link, the recipient will be promoted to press on the "Generate OTP" button

  3. Once he/she receives the OTP via SMS and keys in correctly, the page will display the respective page for files to be downloaded or uploaded.


Note: The SMS OTP is a configurable setting. If OTP is enforced by the administrator, all activities require OTP. Similarly, if OTP has not been set up by the administrator, this feature may not be available for use.

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