Why is there a directory called “C:\Users\%username%\EasiShare” and what is it for?

This directory is termed as “temp folder” because EasiShare will first downloads the files to this folder before opening the files. If the files are not on Sync mode, these files will be sent to the Recycle Bin after the copy of the files have been uploaded back to the server successfully and restores the used space on user's computer. If the file is on Sync mode, this directory stores the synced files so that you can access these files without an Internet connection.


What happens if I store my files in this temp folder?

When the company's policy or user's preference is to turn off sync for a particular drive or folder, end users are not expected to interact with the Windows Explorer but only EasiShare Explorer. However, if user the has accidentally stumbled upon the temp folder and decided to put files there, EasiShare will upload the file during the system health check intervals and not immediately (as this is not intended for sync).


Why don't EasiShare delete the files since users are not expected to put files into the temp folder?

We have taken a more conservative approach to upload than delete. There were some rare scenarios where system encountered intermittent issues and if we choose the delete-approach, it will create panic for users whose files get deleted. It is better for users to decide later if they want to keep the files in the server than to discover their files have been removed unexpectedly.

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