EasiShare "Add Folder-to-Sync" feature walkthrough

EasiShare "Add Folder-to-Sync" feature allows users to add and sync the folders on their local machine to EasiShare.
This feature is slightly different from "Add-to-Sync" feature. for "Add-to-Sync" feature, user is able to sync folders in EasiShare to local machine instead.

This feature is only available for Windows users, who have the EasiShare Desktop installed. 

Users can perform this feature by Right-clicking on the folder that users want to sync, as follows:


The "synced" folder will appear in all EasiShare platforms (ES Desktop, Web and Mobile Apps). However, the "synced" folder can only be identified on EasiShare Desktop (installed in the same local machine of the origin folder). There is a green tick to indicate "synced" folder.
ES Desktop view - with "synced" folder:


On the Web platform, the "synced" folder will look just like another folder:


However, users should avoid renaming the origin folder on local machine as it will break the link between the origin folder on local machine and the "synced" folder in EasiShare. When the link is broken, any new content added into the origin folder will not longer sync the content to "synced" folder.

The following screenshot shows, when the folder is renamed from "Folder A" to "Folder AA", the link is broken and it is indicated by the red exclamation icon on both the drive/folder icons.




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